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Atlantech® Distribution, Inc. is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, with Distribution Centers in Edison, NJ; Baltimore, MD; Richmond, VA; Hampton, VA; Charlotte, NC; Columbia, SC; Greenville, SC; Jacksonville, FL and Tampa, FL. Not many businesses can say that they have been continuously successful, and that they are owned entirely by their active employees. Atlantech® Distribution, Inc. can.

Continued Success requires strong commitments to:

Treating Employees Well. Dedicated and committed employees are the backbone of our business. We believe that work should be a fun experience. New employees who are committed to excellence are treated with patience. Fair salaries are only one component of our employee benefit package. Other components are: Affordable Health and Major Medical Insurance, Dental Insurance, Life Insurance, Medical and Child Care Flex Plans, Long Term Disability Insurance, paid holidays, paid vacations, employee bonuses, and a Profit Sharing plan.

Integrity. Employees will never be asked, expected, or allowed to do anything dishonest, unethical, or illegal.

Employee Ownership. Employee ownership creates synergy, a competitive spirit, and attracts innovative people. The Company is owned entirely by the active employees. If you are an employee who is committed to excellence, you are a candidate for ownership in the company. Atlantech® Distribution, Inc. has achieved a history of financial success through commitment to serve credit worthy customers, continually looking for new products and opportunities; and by investing in new technology.

Vendor / Supplier Relationships. Atlantech® Distribution, Inc. represents industry leading manufacturers and is recognized by the top ten distributors nationally.

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