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Compression Packing

Compression packing is used in process industries such as petro-chemical, paper and steel; and in service industries like utilities, marine, water, sewage, food and nuclear. Compression packing is used to seal all types of fluids including water, steam, acids, caustics, solvents, gases, oil, gasoline, and other chemicals over a broad range of temperature and pressure conditions. They are used in centrifugal, rotary, and reciprocating pumps, valves, expansion joints, soot blowers, and many other types of mechanical equipment. The Garlock Compression Packing facility is committed to supplying the highest quality engineered products to industry throughout the world.

Braided carbon filament with graphite lubrication for valves or pumps in high temperature, high pressure and/or high speed chemical applications


High density, non-porous PTFE continuous fiber resists chemical attack and prevents leakage through the braid. Ideal for valves and pumps in the chemical and food processing industries


Lubricated, braided synthetic fiber packing performs well with minimal shaft and sleeve wear. Safe, economical replacement for asbestos fiber


Atlantech offers a full line of specialty packing sets, including Garlock's 9000 EVSP and 8093 DSA unique packing sets for hard to seal, critical applications where leak free sealing is a must.