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Non-Metallic Expansion Joints

A complete line of Non-Metallic Flue Duct and Pipe Expansion Joints are offered by Atlantech Distribution

To help compensate for compressive and elongating movements in a piping system, an elastomeric expansion joint is often beneficial. This is a flexible connector typically constructed of rubber and fabric. There are several benefits to using an expansion joint, including dampening sound and lessening vibration while allowing for angular and torsional movement. In addition, expansion joints prolong life in bearings and oil seals.
For the most effective use and life, retaining rings are always recommended with expansion joints. Control units may also be needed to prevent over-elongation. Atlantech can provide elastomeric expansion joints in any range of materials and arch configurations to ensure your piping systems operate at their most efficient.


Non-Metallic Flue Duct Expansion Joints

Non-Metallic Flue Duct Expansion Joints

For Gas and Hot Air handling applications Atlantech Distribution can supply many styles of fabric reinforced expansion joints. This style is desirable due to it's superior flexibility and money savings. From highly corrosive to wet or dry flue gas services, we will assist in measuring and troubleshooting to guarantee a proper fit for long life. Please contact us whenever you have questions regarding materials, hardware or installation. As with any expansion joint, it is important to know movement, temperature, pressure and velocity data.