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This full line of fiberglass insulating products for commercial & industrial systems saves energy and enhances thermal performance of mechanical, power & process systems operating at temperatures up to 1200 F (649 C). It enables more precise control of processing temperatures while reducing surface temperatures to promote a more efficient, safe and comfortable working environment.

Atlantech offers a full range of fiberglass pipe covering options to meet the most demanding commercial and industrial insulation needs.


Atlantech offers a variety of Board insulation made of inorganic fiberglass with a thermosetting resin, formed into flexible, semi-rigid or rigid boards of varying densities. Available with FSK or ASJ facings. Used on vessels, equipment, chillers, hot & cold equipment, heating & air conditioning ductwork, & acoustical wall panels. Insulates a wide range of operating temperatures.


Fiberglass blanket and wraps used to insulate hot or cold surfaces of pipes, tanks, storage vessels, ducts & similar round or irregular shaped surfaces. These Owens Corning and Johns Manville products offer a wide array of densities, facings, and operating temperature ranges.


Fiberglass Duct Wrap helps control moisture condensation on the ductwork as well as on the outer vapor retarder jacket. This maintains insulation efficiency and reduces the likelihood of stained ceilings due to moisture damage. Fiberglass Duct Wrap helps heating and cooling systems to deliver conditioned air to occupied spaces at or near design temperatures. By conserving heating and cooling energy, HVAC systems may operate under reduced load.


Fiberglass Duct Liner and Duct Liner Board enhances indoor environmental quality by absorbing noise within sheet metal ducts. The product also contributes to indoor comfort by lowering heat loss or gain through duct walls.


Fiberglass mat is a unique needled mat insulation product manufactured from highly resilient fiberglass textile fibers. It is specifically designed for use in aerospace, automotive, construction, and industrial applications. Odorless, fire resistant, and asbestos free, Fiberglass Mat consists of glass fibers laid randomly across each other and held together by a binder.