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This full line of fiberglass insulating products for commercial & industrial systems saves energy and enhances thermal performance of mechanical, power & process systems operating at temperatures up to 1200 F (649 C). It enables more precise control of processing temperatures while reducing surface temperatures to promote a more efficient, safe and comfortable working environment.


Mineral wool insulation provides superior fire protection and life-safety in the commercial & industrial construction industry through the ability of mineral wool to resist fire and temperatures in excess of 2000°F. Mineral Wool insulation is offered as pipe covering, blanket, or board to meet your high temperature insulation needs.

Rigid foam insulation is very effective in buildings with space limitations and where higher R-values are needed. Foam insulation R-values range from R-4 to R-6.5 per inch of thickness (2.54 cm), which is up to 2 times greater than most other insulating materials of the same thickness. Foam insulation is often made with one of three materials: molded expanded polystyrene (MEPS), extruded expanded polystyrene (XEPS) or polyurethane, polyisocyanurate, or a related chemical mixture. Some are installed as a liquid while other types come as factory-made panels called rigid foam boards.


Closed cell elastomeric foam insulation is fiber free, prevents condensation, and resists mold without a separate, fragile vapor retarder. It provides long-term durability, protection, and peace-of-mind performance. It is the right material for insulating Chilled water, Plumbing and Ductwork. The smooth, durable external surface is easily cleaned and resists dirt, moisture absorption, and microbial growth – even if torn or punctured. Elastomeric foam has a higher temperature limit and is more flexible than polyethylene CCF, able to withstand service temperature spikes without permanent failure.


Atlantech's fire protection offers a comprehensive set of products for fire safety. A complete line of fire protection products help prevent the spread of fire, smoke and toxic fumes. Fireproofing wraps, firestop caulk, firestop sealants and other products ensure the safety of your building.


Refractory materials are strong at high temperatures, resistant to thermal shock, chemically inert, and have low thermal conductivities and coefficients of expansion. High temperature refractory insulation products are used when the material must withstand extremely high temperatures. Refractories must be chosen according to the conditions they will face.


Calcium Silicate Insulation is made of hydrous calcium silicate. It is a white, asbestos free, rigid insulation product, which is used for insulation up to 1200°F. It is a molded, high-temperature pipe and block insulation with superior durability. It is an excellent insulation for high temperature process and power systems.


FOAMGLAS® insulation is a lightweight, rigid material composed of millions of completely sealed glass cells. Each cell is an insulating entity. FOAMGLAS® insulation’s all-glass, closed-cell structure provides the following benefits: Constant Insulating Efficiency, Zero Water Vapor Permeability, Moisture Resistance, Fire Protection, Corrosion Resistance, Long-Term Dimensional Stability, Vermin Resistance, CFC & HCFC Free. FOAMGLAS® Insulations are long-lasting, require little maintenance and are ideal for: Low temperature pipe equipment, tanks and vessels, Medium & high temperature pipes and equipment, Hot oil & hot asphalt storage tanks, Heat transfer fluid systems, Hydrocarbon Processing systems, Chemical processing systems, Under & above ground steam & chilled water piping, and Commercial piping & ductwork.


Marinite® represents a variety of non-asbestos calcium silicate structural insulations that combine high strength & excellent thermal insulating characteristics for use in a variety of heat processing, fire protection, marine, and electrical resistance applications. Marinite® provides excellent thermal shock resistance as evidenced in its typical use as a direct contact board for non-ferrous metals and in fire training burn rooms. It is fire resistant to temperatures approaching 2000°F. The Tobermorite crystal is also unique by providing low thermal conductivities that remain relatively constant over a broad range of operating temperatures.


Cement board insulation is a completely fireproof non-asbestos composite material frequently used for areas where fire retardancy is particularly important. Atlantech carries a full complement of industry leader BNZ cement board insulation products.


Sproule WR-1200™ is a molded, high-temperature pipe & block insulation with exceptional corrosion inhibiting properties. Specifiers to the industrial processing & power generating industries recognize that stainless steel piping is highly susceptible to stress corrosion cracking at temperatures over 140°F. IIG’s intelligent insulation solution is an expanded perlite product with a binder of sodium silicate, an excellent corrosion inhibitor. Combined with a resistance to water absorption, Sproule WR-1200™ perlite effectively minimizes corrosion while providing excellent thermal insulation.


A complete line of pipe jacketing and fittings is available through Atlantech. Materials such as Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and PVC ensure top performance and efficiency for a variety of commercial and industrial insulation applications.


Atlantech can fabricate insulation parts to meet any of your thermal or acoustical insulation needs. Parts can be fabricated from any of our many insulation products including fiberglass, mineral wool, calcium silicate, perlite, Foamglas®, and Marinite®.


Lagging is steel or aluminum finishing material used to cover many types of insulation, especially on large, flat surfaces such as boiler walls, flues, ducts, precipitators, bag houses, selective catalytic reduction systems, air heaters, economizers, scrubbers, wind boxes and fans. Also known as cladding or sheet metal.

Atlantech offers lagging, jacketing and accessories to aid in providing a tailored job of covering the insulated areas to suit the particular installation and its configurations.


Atlantech offers a variety of Adhesives, Mastics, Coating and Sealants for Insulation projects. We feature top brands like Foster, Childers, and Marathon, all leaders in the industry. See the cross reference chart in the related documents for different choices relative to the same applications.


We offer a comprehensive selection of heat resistant textiles, protecting against temperatures from 225°F to 3000°F (107°C to 1650°C)...and from extreme cold, too. All fabrics are available in a variety of high performance fibers and composites including aramid, fiberglass and essentially pure amorphous silica. They are light, flexible and versatile, making them easy to use.


A wide range of tools and accessories from top manufacturers for specialty and everyday applications.


SnappItz Insulated Pipe Shields

SnappItz Insulated Pipe Shields

SnappItz pipe supports are precision-manufactured with the inside (ID) to match exactly the outside diameter (OD) of the pipe it is installed on. Similarly, the ODs of Snappitz supports are manufactured to match exactly the OD of the correct thickness of insulation that is being specified for that pipe system. This allows the insulation on the continuing pipe to butt up right next to the Snappitz supports, and be sealed with ASJ (All Service Jacketing) tape to provide a clean seamless looking insulation layer right through the pipe hanger points. Snappitz pipe supports are installed on pipes at hanger locations to prevent pipe insulation from being crushed between the pipe hanger and the load bearing weight of the pipe itself; and maintain full R-value of pipe insulation through pipe hanger.

UtiliCore® By Owens Corning

UtiliCore® By Owens Corning

Owens Corning® UtiliCore® Fiberglas Insulation products are flexible white blankets designed for high temperature commercial and industrial applications. The pliable, lightweight insulation offers outstanding thermal performance, making it an excellent choice as core insulation for removable and reusable industrial pipe covers, and other industrial pads and blankets.
User friendly fibers result in less itch and irritation for installers.
HP5 II Mat can be used in applications up to 1100°F, L Series, up to 1000°F.